November 2020 Mortality and Impermanence

As the seasons have been changing, a friend has been confronted with his mortality. He has severe heart issues and has now contracted COVID-19 while in hospital. He’s facing this by reaching out to others and welcoming support and continuing to give to others. It’s not possible to outrun mortality. Do you try? Basket Woman…

October 2020 Dancing with my Demons

Have I named my demons? What are they? Since they’re mine, can I transform them? Share your demons with us. Four Directions Calling Basement Work

July 2020 Gathering Highlights

Topic - Victimhood: How I embrace it The Gathering opened by calling the directions. Spirit Calling Song Sanskrit Song Food of Love Following is the poem Food of Love by Carolyn Kizer. It was recited by Gene Marckx as a way for us to move into our topic. Food of Love by Carolyn Kizer            …

June 2020 – The Rites of Manhood

by Alden Nowlan Recited by Gene Marckx It's snowing hard enough that the taxis aren't running. I'm walking home, my night's work finished, long after midnight, with the whole city to myself, when across the street I see a very young American sailor standing over a girl who's kneeling on the sidewalk and refuses to…

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