Our monthly gathering happens on the second Saturday of each month starting at 9 a.m. U.S. Pacific time.

February 2023 Topic

Somewhere a Loving Heart

  1. How do I find my loving heart?
  2. Do others know my heart?
  3. How does my loving heart speak?

Our Monthly Gathering is online

Due to the continued COVID19 pandemic we’ll continue holding our gathering online.

Highlights from our monthly gathering.

June 2022 Fathering

Questions for Myself Do I love my father? How did my father wound me? How did my father change my parenting? Fathers and Sons By Eugene Marckx Dale lived alone with his mother, except on nights when the banker’s top … Read More

May 2022 Mothering

Was it mothering or smothering? How was it to be mothered for me? Was I mothered by my father? Nestor By Eugene Marckx A featherbrained idler – what your grandfather said of him, and farmers hereabouts who should’ve known better, … Read More