Twice a year we meet in a natural setting and create a Sacred Circle.

We assemble to connect with each other for the first time or to reinforce the connections we’ve built over the decades.

A Sacred Circle retreat is open to any man, regardless of sexual orientation, age or physical limitation, who wants this challenge.

We strive to connect to each other, our partners and our community by retreating to a natural setting to share our stories, support each other’s journey and dig deeply into our being.

Our retreats are experiential, allowing a man to embark on a personal journey to discover his authenticity. It is our intention to create an environment that is free of shame and judgment. We hold each other and our organization accountable when we fall short.

A Gathering of Men seeks to offer men in an inclusive masculine community which practices and supports integrity and authenticity. Our community rejects misogyny and patriarchy as society’s norm.

In a secluded natural setting, we offer men an opportunity to focus on retrieving the power, fierceness and compassion of their genuine masculine. This environment is free of shame and judgment.

Few men have had the opportunity to experience and join such a community in modern society.

Come help us create the magic for each other.

“A man who feels secure in the world is a man who trusts and loves his being.”