The Sacred Circle Retreat

Due to the ongoing pandemic, The sacred Circle Retreat will not be held this year.

A Gathering of Men seeks to immerse men in an inclusive masculine community which practices and supports integrity and authenticity. Our community rejects misogyny and patriarchy as society’s norm.

In our time, bombarded with chaos and fear, men often fall victim to a society that has separated them from they’re core identity.  Driven to “make it”, they strike out at perceived threats to their status and possessions. They become hostages to their careers and to a fear of loss. Their relationships turn into “win/lose” power struggles that make victims of themselves and their partners.

In a secluded natural setting, we offer men an opportunity to focus on retrieving the power, fierceness and compassion of their genuine masculine. This environment is free of shame and judgment.

The Sacred Circle Retreat is open to any man, regardless of age or physical limitation, who is willing to take up this challenge. This requires physical and emotional courage to push and explore his own limits. Our goal is to assist men in reconnecting to themselves, other men, partners and their community in a powerful, loving way.

Few men have had the opportunity to experience and join such a community in modern society.

Come help us create the magic for our new brothers, and each other.

A Men’s Weekend Particulars

When: TBA

Where: TBA

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The Challenge

  • Are you up to the challenge of looking at who you really are?
  • Do you believe you have gifts which have never been appreciated?
  • Do you think “men’s work” is a hybrid, quaint response to the Women’s Movement?
  • Do women consume more of your life than you really want?
  • Is there an emptiness inside you where there ought to be passion?
  • Are you tired of living through books?<
  • yearn for mental, physical, and spiritual integration?

Do these points resonate with you?


  • Do you have a good relationship with your father?
  • Do you have close friendships with other men?
  • Do you feel adequate and powerful?
  • Are your relationships with partners (male or female) meaningful, and satisfying?
    • Do you prefer shallow relationships and quick hook-ups?
    • Do you get scared when relationships get emotionally intimate?
  • Do these relationships add balance to your life


  • Are you aware of your spirituality?
  • Are you living from your truth?
  • Do you believe you have gifts which have never been appreciated? 


  • Does your life have a purpose?
  • Are you satisfied with your life?
  • Is there an emptiness inside you where there ought to be passion?


  • Well grounded
  • Confused
  • Feeling judged
    • Do you hide part of you
    • Paralyzed by shame

If your answer is “No.” to any of these questions, then The Sacred Circle has been designed for you!

“A man who feels secure in the world is a man who trusts and loves his being.”