The Sacred Circle Retreat – Update

Due to the resurgence of COVID 19 because of the Delta variant we’re having to redesign the event.

We will not be able to do an outdoor weekend. We are exploring alternatives which may include a hybrid event.

Stay Tuned

A Gathering of Men seeks to offer men in an inclusive masculine community which practices and supports integrity and authenticity. Our community rejects misogyny and patriarchy as society’s norm.

In our time, bombarded with chaos and fear, men often fall victim to a society that has separated them from they’re core identity.  Driven to “make it”, they strike out at perceived threats to their status and possessions. They become hostages to their careers and to a fear of loss. Their relationships turn into “win/lose” power struggles that make victims of themselves and their partners.

In a secluded natural setting, we offer men an opportunity to focus on retrieving the power, fierceness and compassion of their genuine masculine. This environment is free of shame and judgment.

This retreat requires the physical courage, emotional courage, and the willingness to push and explore limits.

The Sacred Circle is open to any man, regardless of sexual orientation, age or physical limitation, who wants this challenge.

Our goal is to assist men in reconnecting to themselves, other men, partners and their community in a powerful, loving way.

Few men have had the opportunity to experience and join such a community in modern society.

Come help us create the magic for each other.

A Men’s Weekend Particulars

When: August 27-29, 2021

Where: 24033 SE Issaquah-Fall City Road
Issaquah, WA 98029

Registration Form

The Opportunlity

  • Connect to the best part of you.
  • Get to know your gifts.
  • Be part of a non-competitive community.
  • There are relationship tools. Want some?
  • Find and express your passion.
  • Work for mental, physical, and spiritual integration.

“A man who feels secure in the world is a man who trusts and loves his being.”