• Jacob and Joseph of Krakow

    Facebook Shares Jacob and Joseph of Krakow A tale by Eugene Marckx In the night Jacob was startled awake by a dream voice. It called him to leave his dying wife and go west from the town of Krakow to … Read More

  • The Hunchback

    Facebook Shares a tale by Eugene Marckx In those ancient times the Mountain king, the River king, and the Valley king considered themselves brothers in the lineage of the Moon-Goddess. So, at last when the Valley king died, his two … Read More

  • Fathers and Sons

    Facebook Shares By Eugene Marckx Dale lived alone with his mother, except on nights when the banker’s top hat was hanging on her bedroom door, or the senator’s homburg, or the general’s roughrider hat. Dale slept on a cot off … Read More