“A crow stood on the burning deck, eating potatoes by the peck”

by Ray Ruhlen

We have an extended family of crows around us, I have fed them daily after lunch for many years, we get along together, the crows, me, and out black cat, Mr. Squeakers, who I take out for a walk after lunch and in that time throw torn up bread for them, They sometimes are very raucous and talk a lot, other times not much. In the spring they raise their babies, and all the family help with that.

The past few days this year’s baby hads been venturing out. It shows up in the neighbors yard right next to our driveway. It’s song is much lower volume and hesitant and higher pitch. I first heard it a few days ago, then soon when I heard it I walked over to that part of the  yard and could see the little guy, almost mature, moving hesitantly – going under the porch next door and repeating it’s call. The rest of the family did not make a fuss about me, we and them and Mr. Squeakers are friends. We can hear him from the front porch, and if I walk over he doesnt stop talking but goes under the porch..

There are a lot of crows around here, but about six or so seem to be in the same family and move around as a group, on adjacent roofs, in trees, on power lines, and on the ground. I’ve been friendly with them for years, we talk to each other – sometimes when I toss the crumbs out one or two will get within five feet of me, even between me and our house.

Ray the Birdman

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