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Coming up this Month

Second Saturday Gathering, June 8, from 8 to 11:30 am (open to all men) at the American Legion Hall in Woodinville: 21920 Hwy 9 SE, 98072 (just south of Travis’s). Theme: “How Can I Father” Call Gene (425-931-4311) if you need directions.
Wednesday Journeymen meetings, June 5, June 19 , 7 pm at the American Legion Hall in Woodinville..
Third Saturday Sweat, June 15 at John Thompson’s in Tulalip, first door at 10 am. All are invited (men & women). Please bring a little food to share afterward. Call Gene if you need directions: 425-931-4311
A monthly group led by Chris Richards invites journeymen wanting to learn the facilitation process as well as to go deeper. Interested journeymen (who have attended our August retreat) should call Chris: 425-385-8520.

Join us.

The Sacred Circle Retreat – An initiation experience for men.

August 23-25, 2019

Once again, in a remote Pacific Northwest location, A Gathering of Men will hold our annual August retreat, The Sacred Circle, in which a man is free to explore his full potential, delve into the shadow and find the genius of his core self.

Here a man is given a chance to experience the awesome power of a dedicated community of men who hold in trust a space for his quest in a safe and supportive environment. These men are on their own journey and have their own Sacred Circle experiences over the years.

In our time, bombarded with chaos and fear, men often fall victim to a society that has separated them from they’re core identity.  Driven to “make it”, they strike out at perceived threats to their status and possessions. They become hostages to their careers and to a fear of loss. Their relationships turn into “win/lose” power struggles that make themselves or their partners victims.

The Sacred Circle is open to any man, regardless of age or physical limitation, who is willing to take up this challenge. This requires of a man the physical and emotional courage to push and explore his own limits. Our goal is to assist men in reconnecting to themselves, other men, partners and their community in a powerful, loving way.

For more information Contact: Retreat registrar

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IN A SENSE, Damian Monda grew up in The Jungle. But in the 1960s, it wasn’t yet an infamous homeless camp, Interstate 5 hadn’t been completed, and it wasn’t even known as The Jungle. It was just a neighborhood of abandoned old homes.

But there were homeless people there, even then.

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Deep Sea Salmon

a poem by Eugene Marckx

Dad where have you gone?

Did you leap quicksilver into a big run

of legendary June Hogs now long lost?

Or are you too smart for that?

Did you break through the trap of extinction

holding to the shadows of that dam

in back of my mind—thinking

but not showing much?

Once in a great while I hear your …

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Chinook bust on the Columbia: Spring returns worse than forecast on Northwest’s largest river

May 30, 2019 at 7:01 pm Updated May 31, 2019 at 10:04 am

Lynda V. Mapes Seattle Times environment reporter

LOWER GRANITE DAM, Garfield County — Darren Ogden hefted the big chinook salmon, meaty and lustrous, a rare and welcome sight in a bad year for returns of adult spring chinook.

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