November 2018

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Coming up this Month

  • Wednesday Journeymen meetings, November 7, November 21, 7 pm at Travis Townsend's Yurt: 21806 Hwy 9 SE, 98072.
  • Second Saturday Gathering, Nobember 10, from 8 to 11:30 am (open to all men) at the American Legion Hall in Woodinville: 21920 Hwy 9 SE, 98072 (just south of Travis's). Theme: "If I Don't Remember" Call Gene (425-931-4311) if you need directions.
  • Third Saturday Sweat, November 17th at John Thompson's in Tulalip, first door at 10 am. All are invited (men & women). Please bring a little food to share afterward. Call Gene f you need directions: 425-931-4311


By George Stratton

My stone heart is not balanced
into two equal sides.

One side is as big as ever
and the other is worn down
by the water of life
and rubbing,
scrubbing against other hearts
of stone.

Now that my heart is safe
in my hand...
the full unworn side
may never come to know
the rub and scrub
of water's tumble.

But still it serves to remind me
of how much
I have left
to give.

by Lodgepole from Gaiatree

(George has taken this totem name, "Lodgepole from Gaiatree.")



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