February 2020

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Coming up this Month

Second Saturday Gathering, February 8, from 8 to 11:30 am (open to all men) at the American Legion Hall in Woodinville: 21920 Hwy 9 SE, 98072 Theme: “Isolation and Connection“. Call Gene (425-931-4311) if you need directions.

First and third Wednesday each month – Journeymen meetings, 7 pm at Jim Brossard’s house: 13507 14th Drive S.E, Mill Creek, WA 98012

Third Saturday Sweat, February 15, at John Thompson’s in Tulalip, first door at 10 am. All are invited (men & women). Please bring a little food to share afterward. Call Gene if you need directions: 425-931-4311

A monthly group led by Chris Richards invites journeymen wanting to learn the facilitation process as well as to go deeper. Interested journeymen (who have attended our August retreat) should call Chris: 425-385-8520.

Isolation and Connection

Come and explore this with us at our monthly gathering as we share our journeys to connection with other souls, our partners and the  community.

When we’re born we leave a safe and secure environment. In this moment we are isolated and immediately begin crying for connection – to mother, to the breast. Seeking connection is a natural drive.

But how do many of us come to be isolated, alone, afraid? Were we rejected, judged defective, not good enough? Were we told a “man” stands on his own?

In spite of our domestication the desire for intimate connections with other souls still exists under the noise of our life.

The Polish hero who volunteered to go to Auschwitz — and warned the world about the Nazi death machine

Gillian BrockellThe Washington Post

Jan. 26, 2020 at 6:52 am Updated Jan. 27, 2020 at 12:02 pm

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Zofia and Andrzej Pilecki found out their father was a hero. As teens in postwar Poland, they had been told he was a traitor and an enemy of the state, and they listened to news reports about his 1948 trial and execution on the school radio.

In fact, Witold Pilecki was a Polish resistance fighter who voluntarily went to Auschwitz

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Another Inner Work Experience

Here’s a link to a Shadow Work Weekend. This weekend presents another approach to deep inner work and is similar to what we do at our retreats and Journey Men meetings.

Shadow Wisdom invites you to discover parts of yourself you have hidden or denied. By bringing these parts out of shadow, in a safe, experiential setting, where you can unlock the power of your true self, with all your gifts and strengths – even those you may have disowned. 

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