Davison Stivers

Davison has been a part of A Gathering of Men almost from the beginning. He has participated as a story teller, board member, president, facilitator. He’s been a mentor to many men over the years.

Additonally he’s participated in The Noble Journey, sponsored by Counceling Associates, Which helped me explore four primary male archetypes (King, Warrior, Magician, Lover). These trainings assisted men to access the energy of these mature architypes.

Recently, Davison was diagnosed with Lymphoma and has chosen to forgo medical intervention and instead concentrate on vigorously living his life.

He continues to write, study, and work at his relationships with family and friends.

Here, is a message he made for us. It spells out just what the Gathering has meant to him. Additionally there’s a few photos of himfrom over the years from over the years

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