February 2022 Small Miracles

  1. Can you list the miracles in your life?
  2. What to you is miraculous?

The Heart of Us All 

With the radio and the television off all morning 

and the newspaper folded in its chair 

I leave the laptop alone 

and set my phone on mute 

I just want to hear bird-chatter in the air 

faint shouts of children in a distant schoolyard 

hens across the road happy for all the bugs they find 

ducks gliding in and turning raucous on the pond 

All those rednecks I know start to become people again 

next to the soft-hearted liberals who find room 

for genders of all kinds declaring themselves 

I just try to take our common breath into my nostrils 

Out of the north a heavy cold rolls in that gives me pause 

Did I check my roof for leaks ‒ or my identity for flaws? 

My telltale tracks may freeze in the mud tonight 

or snow may dress them in a semblance of innocence 

Cut-off as we are from each other 

I want to stay open to our mother 

to feel the hum of her weather within me 

as it comes winding through the heart of us all 

            â€’ Eugene Marckx  

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