March 2022 Mentors in My Life

  1. Who mentors you?
  2. Are you a mentor?
  3. Did a mentor change your life?

The Seven Directions


Recording includes the poem and a short story of Baal Shem Tov (The Besht)

By Stanley Moss

I knew that tree was my lost brother

when I heard he was cut down

at four thousand eight hundred sixty-two years;

I knew we had the same mother.

His death pained me. I made up a story.

I realized, when I saw his photograph,

he was an evergreen, a bristlecone like me,

who had lived from an early age

with a certain amount of dieback,

at impossible locations, at elevations

over ten thousand feet in extreme weather.

His company: other conifers,

the rosy finch, the rock wren, the raven, and clouds,

blue and silver insects that fed mostly off each other.

Some years bighorn sheep visited in summer—

he was entertained by red bats, black-tailed jackrabbits,

horned lizards, the creatures old and young, he sheltered.

Beside him in the shade, pink mountain pennyroyal—

to his south, white angelica.

I am prepared to live as long as he did

(it would please our mother),

live with clouds and those I love

suffering with God.

Sooner or later, some bag of wind will cut me down.

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