Personal Prose & Poetry

Paul – a last moment
Among my brothers and sisters we don’t send cards on birthdays, but we always try to make time to call Read more.
by Eugene Marckx There was once a farmer who had two sons. John, the older son, worked hard. He was Read more.
Moira’s Mountain
a tale by Eugene Marckx As a boy Wade did not know any dancing or singing.  His people on the Read more.
A memoir by Eugene Marckx   Among the dogs in my life one stands out, a Black Labrador mix that came Read more.
Deep Sea Salmon
Dad where have you gone? Did you leap quicksilver into a big run of legendary June Hogs now long lost? Read more.
Death and the Dwarf
by Eugene Marckx From an ancient tale Roghnall was the most daring warrior chief of his time. With his cohorts Read more.
Davison Stivers
Davison has been a part of A Gathering of Men almost from the beginning. He has participated as a story Read more.
—adapted from the Brothers Grimm   Once upon a time there was a young man who joined the army and Read more.
A Vision – Sacred Circle
by John Thompson No words can speak the power of “I AM HERE” For when black thunder cracks on blood-red Read more.
A Hole in the Sky
(from the Colville Native American tradition) Long before humans were born most all the animals felt pretty gray. Was it Read more.

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