April 2021 What My Anger Really Wants

  • My Anger tells me to…
  • When angers in charge of me what can I do?
  • When angers in charge of me what must I do?

A Thorn in the King’s Foot

Adapted from a tale by Duncan Williamson, Scotland’s greatest storyteller

Penguin (1987)

Many years ago lived a king in a large castle. All around his kingdom the farmers worked hard, and he told his queen, “These are my bees. Without bees we have no honey, but my people work. And half of all they reap, half of all they raise, half of all they make is mine.”

The queen knew her husband and his faults. One fault she never let him forget ‒ they had no child. Many an autumn night he would come in from the fields and say, “We have a great harvest, wagon-loads into my barns. We’re richer than ever!” Read More

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