2020 Journey Men’s Retreat

March 27, 28, and 29, 2020

The Sacred Circle Retreat started us on out way to richer, more Authentic lives. In order to continue the work the Gathering of Men, men who experienced the August retreat began gathering each March.

Each Spring we gather to renew our own commitments to living well-integrated lives, to continue the work each of us began at our own initiation, to prepare to facilitate the work of the new men to come, and to refresh and reinvigorate our community.

This March, look at the work you’ve already done with A Gathering Of Men, look at the work you have yet to do, and look at the World’s desperate need for the Gold we can still recover from our own Shadows. Whether you have journeyed with us recently, or not for years, whether you plan to join us at this year’s Sacred Circle in body or in spirit, come join us at this year’s Journey Men retreat. Know that you have something to offer, know that you have something to gain.

Mitakuye Oyasin

We are all related.

Bring your heart, your joy, and your pain, your whole being.

Support other men and be supported.

Experience soulful connection to the men of our community and to the Earth

Do not let this opportunity slip by.

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