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Sacred Circle | A Gathering of Men | Mythopoetic Men's Community

A Gathering of Men

nooksak Sacred Circle

A Men’s Weekend

August 26, 27, & 28, 2016

Modern culture has abandoned the male spirit.

Primal cultures were aware of the importance of ritualized rites of passage, marking a crossing into manhood. What remains of these rituals in modern society is often an empty shell, providing little in the way of true guidance and soulful transformation.

We stumble in our search for the meaning and significance of our own maleness. We learn what being a man is from our mothers, from uncommunicative or absent fathers, from detached heroes of film and television, from equally uninformed peers. The result is a loss of deep, grounded masculinity.

Inside each man, the embers of the masculine spirit are still alive, waiting to be fueled into the fire it was meant to be. Powerful, secure, and driven by conscious intention.


Join us for a life changing event at the 2016 Sacred Circle

this August 26th through the 28th.

For more information, contact us at http://agatheringofment.org

or call Eric Reed-Voldal @(425) 443-2050

The Sacred Circle

A Men’s Weekend Particulars

When: Friday August 26, 27 and 28, 2016.

Where: To be announced

Registration Form: 2016 Sacred Circle Retreat Form

Some partial scholarships available. Availability not guaranteed after August 10th.(Contributions also accepted to assist others.

Please direct any registration or scholarship questions to the AGOM registrar

•Do you have a good relationship with your father?
•Do you have close friendships with other men?
•Do you feel adequate and powerful?
•Are your relationships with women meaningful, and satisfying?
•Does your life have a purpose?
•Are you satisfied with your life?
•Are you aware of your spirituality?
•Are you living from your truth?

If your answer is “No.” to any of these questions, then The Sacred Circle has been designed for you!
•Are you up to the challenge of looking at who you really are?
•Do you believe you have gifts which have never been appreciated?
•Do you think “men’s work” is a hybrid, quaint response to the Women’s Movement?
•Do women consume more of your life than you really want?
•Is there an emptiness inside you where there ought to be passion?
•Are you tired of living through books?<
•yearn for mental, physical, and spiritual integration?

If your answer is “Yes.” to any of these questions, then The Sacred Circle has been designed for you!

“A man who feels secure in the world is a man who trusts and loves his being.”


For more information contact A Gathering Of Men.


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